Recipe Cards & Pages

I have over 50 recipe cards that I am so excited to be sharing with you today.

Below you will find various styles in sizes of full page, 4x6 & 5x7's.  Some are sets but can also be downloaded separately. I like using 65 lb. opaque index card stock. You may prefer something lighter or heavier.  

I hope that you will find something useful in the recipe area of your kitchen.
                                                   God Bless & Let's Eat!

Newest Additions

Click on the links below to download the pdf"s

I am thrilled to be sharing these because they are really one of my favorite sets. They come in 5 different sizes and are editable. I really hope you like them as much as I do and that they will be a welcoming addition to your recipe card collection.

A4     A5     8 1/2 x 11     5x7      4x6 Front      4x6 Back

 Click on the color of your choice to download the PDF.


Cupcake design recipe card set that comes in sizes: Full page, A5, 4x6 & 5x7. I kept them in neutral colors to be ink friendly. 
I really hope they will be a great addition to your recipes.

                       8 1/2 x 11                

4x6  Front - Back
5x7  Front - Back

Click on the Images below to download the pdfs'

Kitchen Gadgets Recipe Card (8 1/2 x 11)
Canister Recipe Card - Full Page
Fabric Bunting Recipe Card (8 1/2 x11)
Vegi Border Recipe Card (8 1/2 x 11)
I can’t begin to Thank You enough for all your hard work. I have been looking high and low for full size printer paper templates for my recipes and not only do you share them but you made a large variety for us to choose. They are all so beautiful. Thank you very much. It is so appreciated.
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I am making a recipe notebook for each of my granddaughters with their favorite recipes from childhood. I want them to have both the ability to recreate the recipes and a visual reminder of the love and fun of family meals while growing up.


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New Meal Planner Printables Here

24 Replies to “Recipes

    • Marilyn

      Hi Lynn,
      Thank you so much for your compliment. No, they are not editable. I am actually looking into that right now. There is a program called that you can upload any pdf file and make it editable. It’s pretty simple to use. I’ve been playing around with it because I’m thinking about turning alot of my future printables into editable forms. You can go to “youtube” and there are lots of tutorials on how to use it. However, if you have trouble with it and you can’t get it done, give me a list and I will be happy to do that for you. Thank you so much Lynn for reaching out. I will be posting a huge “Recipe Binder” very soon. Be very Blessed.

      With kind regards,

    • Marilyn

      Hi Maia,

      Thank you for letting me know that you appreciate my work. It just makes me so happy when one of my readers finds something useful and reaches out to let me know. You are so welcome. I’ll be posting a HUGE complete recipe binder within the week. Come back to see me. God Bless you. Merry Christmas.

  1. Debbie Smith

    Thank you for sharing your sheets. I am making my daughter a cookbook of my old recipes and these sheets will be great. Blessings.

    • Marilyn

      Hi Debbie,
      Thank you, for sharing your thoughts with me. What a great gift for your daughter. I’m so happy you found something on my site that will help you with that. I also just posted a huge recipe binder, but have not posted the link yet. If you go back to the site and look under the “Recipe” tab, you can get to it from there. You may also find something useful. I have some “Master Meal Lists”, that I love and would be a great little helpmate in any kitchen. Thanks again Debbie for reaching out. God Bless You!.

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for your wonderful site! Very simple to use and no ads and popups every time I move my cursor! Adorable assortment of recipe cards!!

    • Marilyn

      Hi Nancy,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. I have wondered and hoped that my site was easy to get around in, of course it is to me because I know where everything is…but you are the first to actually let me know that it was comfortable for you. Happy that you like my recipe cards. There will never be any pop-ups on my site. I don’t do this to make money, there are no affiliates, and I have no partners. It’s just lil’ole me and this is just something I do to offer free organizing printables that are such a big help in my life. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. Come see me again, my site is kinda new and I have a whole lot more to add. God Bless you Nancy. Thanks so much again!

  3. Hope Miller

    Have been looking for something like these for a long time. Especially like your editable ones as I have arthritis and writing them out sometimes is hard. You have a great site I will use it often. Keep up the great work.

    • Marilyn

      Hope, I am so glad that you found something useful on my site. Thank you so much for reaching out to let me know that you were here. Your comment is much appreciated. Bless you.


    • Marilyn

      Hi Melanie,

      Thank you so very much. I am glad to hear that you have found something on my recipe page that you like and can use. You are more than welcome and I have some new ones coming soon. I appreciate you leaving me a message letting me know that you were here. Many Blessings to you!

  4. Bonnie L

    Thank you SO much! I’ve been looking everywhere for printables to use in the Recipe binder I made. You are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent!!

    • Marilyn

      No Bonnie…YOU are amazing for taking a moment to let me know that you appreciate my work! Really glad that you like them. Truly glad I could help you with that.

      Thank you so much! Blessing your way!


  5. Lynn Allen

    Just love the recipe page with the jars! My sister and I are compiling canning recipes from our grandmother and great grandmother as we both love canning and your pages are PERFECT! Please advise on how I can get the pages to print. Thank You

    • Marilyn

      Hi Lynn,

      I am thrilled that you like that particular page. I made that when I was just learning to do recipe cards and to be honest…I have almost pulled the off the site many times. I’m glad I didn’t. For printing it is just a standard 8.5 x 11 page and you should be able to just open it up in adobe…it’s a pdf so you will need that. It’s a free download and you can get it here: Once you do, just open it up and go to file in the upper left hand corner and find “print”. Your print screen will open up and then tell your printer to print. You should be able to print “Actual size” I just always check the little preview on my print screen to make sure that you see everything on the page. If you don’t see everything on the page..change your print settings to “Fit to Page/Scale to fit. I hope this helps and I didn’t make it to confusing for you. Let me know if it helped.

      Thank you so much Lynn, I truly hope you enjoy the cards…you have actually inspired me to make some more…maybe in a different color! :}
      Many Blessings!


  6. Twyla

    Hi I love your site!!!!! I am currently undergoing the task of organizing all of my recipes in binders, many, many binders HAHA! I was wondering if you had considered making any more of your 81/2 x 11 sheets so they can be typed on? I am interested in Country Banner,Kitchen Ware, Canister, Jar, Make Me-Mixed Fruit, and Vegi Border. I would be willing to pay for them. I am just not techy enough to do it my self. I just love them could you please consider it?
    Thank you very much!!!

    • Marilyn

      Hi Twyla,

      Thank you for reaching out to tell me about you visit. I will be more than happy to make those editable for you. I am away from my work station right now but will be back later this afternoon. I will do those for you first thing. I will send you and email to let you know when they are ready. So glad that you are happy with my work and that they will be of help to you. Many Blessings! We will talk again soon.

      With kind regards,

    • Marilyn

      Hi Twyla,
      I just wanted to let you know that the ones you have requested to be editable are now on the site for you. I think I got them all and if not just let me know. My pleasure to assist you with this. Enjoy them. Blessings to you. Come see me again soon.


  7. Twyla

    Thank you so very much! I really appreciate you doing this for me. I have a very daunting task in front of me and using this makes it a little more fun to think about diving in.

  8. Sylvia

    Thank you so much! Your cards are so cute and pretty. I have many recipes from my great-grandmother an the paper is getting very worn from loving use. I also need to translate recipes from my mother and grandmother, they are in French so in order to pass them to my children and grandchildren they need to be translated. I am very excited to use your editable cards! Will you be making anymore editable?

    • Marilyn

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thank you so much for your interest in my work. You are so very welcome. I thank you for letting me know that you were here and that you took a moment to send your appreciation. I will be making some more editable cards. At the moment I am knee deep in opening an Etsy shop and my time seems to be maxed out. I tell you what I am going to do. I actually have 3 sets in “Stripes & Chevrons” in three different colors that are editable but not on the site yet. They may not be your style…but I am going to send those to you in a separate email. If you would like…send me a list {by name} of the ones on my site that you would like to have editable and I will get those done as quickly as possible and get those back to you. I will also be working on a news letter in the future to inform my subscribers of my new printables. Sooo….much to do! :}

      Thank you so much! Many blessings to you!


      Let me know that you have received my email with the new printables and I will be looking to hear back on any others that you would like.

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