Health Records

Health Records

Below you will find 18 Health  Care printables to help you keep all your medical information together in one place.

Keeping a journal of your families Health Records is important for so many reasons.

It can be very helpful in cases of illness or injury, allowing you to be able to track medications, treatments, surgeries, allergies,  types of procedures & test results to name just a few of the benefits. 

It shows a pattern of your health and when that pattern gets off track, it can help you to pinpoint the factor that caused it. 

It's a very useful tool to have with you when you have a Doctors visit. Being an informed patient when it comes to your health enables you to help the Doctor, to better help you.

Another reason that keeping a health journal can be beneficial is to be able to pass that information down to your children, also should something happen to you and you can't provide it, it's there so that someone else in your family can.

If you have never kept a Medical journal, I would like to encourage you to start one. I am just thrilled to have not only this information all together and convenient in one place, but also that I am now organized in this very important area of my life.

If you would like to add a page to this that I haven't, just email me and I will gladly help you with that.

Be Blessed and Organized!

Medical Information - Health History - Page 1
Medical Information - Page 1
Medical Information - Health History - Page 2- This covers your current medications and reasons for taking them, past medical conditions and surgeries with dates included. It also has a place for adittional notes about your health if necessary. Free Printable
Medical Information - Page 2
Pre- Doctor Visit Questionnaire Free Printable
Pre-Doctor Questionnaire
Medication Tracker Free Printable
Medication Tracker
Stopped Medication Tracker Free Printable
Stopped Medication Tracker
Cholesetrol Tracker Free Printable
Cholesterol Tracker
Insulin Shot Tracker Free Printable
Insulin Shot Tracker
Optometrist Appointment Tracker Free Printable
Optometrist Appointment Tracker
Dental Appointment Tracker Free Printable
Dental Appointment Tracker
Medical Appointment Tracker Free Printable
Medical Appointment Tracker
Medical Expense Tracker
Vitamin Supplement Tracker Free Printable
Vitamin Supplement Tracker
Herbal Supplement Medication Tracker Free Printable
Herbal Supplement Tracker
My Allergy Printable designed for recording up to 15 allergies, the side affects, and medication required.s Free Printable
My Allergies
Blood Sugar Tracker
OTC Medication Tracker Free Printable
OTC Medication Tracker
Medication Refill Tracker Free Printable
Medication Refill Tracker
Additional Medical Notes Free Printable
Additional medical Notes
Health Records Binder Front Cover
Health Records Binder Cover
Binder Spines 2 & 3 Inch

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