Financial Planning Printables

If you don't have a good handle on your finances, it's kinda impossible to have a good handle on anything else. I have some financial planning printables to help you with that.

Managing our finances is an area that we all struggle with just a little. The on-going battle between what we want…what we need…and what we can actually afford, is like a circus wheel that we seem to ride for life.

Take all the guess work out of your finances with this 10 page, very basic, simple to use planner. There is an Annual Expense Summary, Checkbook & Savings Register, Monthly Budget & Monthly Expense Log, Paycheck Budgeting, Bank & Household Account information, Daily Expense Log & Debt Payments. Included are the Section Dividers, Front & Back Cover, 2 inch Spine & Tabs in 2 Colors.

I really hope that if you are looking to get your finances on track that they will be a useful tool to help you get there.
                                               Be Blessed & Organized!

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