Christmas Planner

Planning is essential to creating a stress free Holiday, especially one that comes with all the extra work of Christmas. It really is possible to avoid the chaos of the season and just enjoy all of the magic that this wonderful time of year has to offer. 

If  You have never used a planner at Christmas, I strongly encourage that you give it a try. I don't know that I could survive what's probably the most hectic Holiday of the year, and have my sanity in tact when I got to the end of it, without having a plan. Having all the important details at my finger tips keeps me focused and on track all the way through. 

I have updated my Christmas planner and this year it's my free gift to all my readers. It's a 22 page simple planner to help you have a more organized Holiday.

My prayer for you is that your Christmas Holiday will be filled with the spirit of Jesus, the true meaning of this season, joy,  and heavenly peace that is a part of this most magical time of the year!

Download the zip file Here

Click on the image to download pdf

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