Hi, I'm Marilyn.
Thank you so much, for visiting Printables by Design. I am so blessed!

I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Charleston, S.C. where I have lived the most part of my life. I am a mother, (one daughter, a dog & a cat), a grandmother, daughter, sister and Aunt.  I am also a home maker and most days a 9-5er", but the most important thing that I am is a "Sister in Christ."

My beliefs are pretty simple. I believe that Jesus is Lord and God's word is the only truth, no matter what the topic might be. I also believe that we as people have a choice as to how we will affect others in our journey ...and in theirs. We can either be a "Light"...or we can be a "Darkness",  and in that belief comes a desire to be an encouraging inspiration in all that lives that I touch.
That's one of the biggest things I hope to accomplish here at Printables by Design.

               My Story about Printables
I remember when I was just a little girl...at the age of 7,  I created my very first "Daily to Do List".  I made it by hand...because we didn't have any modern day technology at that time. I was so proud of it, and even as a child...very committed to it. I pinned it by my bedroom door and I just couldn't wait til the end of each day to make sure all the little boxes got checked off like they were supposed to. It was at that young age that my passion for creating printables geared towards organizing took roots. I will never forget it, and I can still see it in my mind just like it was yesterday.

As I grew...I seemed to have a real interest in creating things. Instead of playing "Ring around the Rosie" with the kids after school, I would be sewing a pocketbook together that I had cut out by hand with some sort of fabric that Mom didn't need anymore. It went from there to Paint by Numbers, Hook Rug, Baskets with the Hot Glue Gun, Sewing on the machine, Cross Stitch, and Crocheting. But of all the things I liked to create....my truest love has been the one that I started in the very beginning...creating printables.

My love for creating printables along with my desire to hearten others towards living a more organized, less stressed life is my focus at Printables by Design. You will find printables that I create and my favorites from the web...and every printable  is FREE! One of my favorite things is that I don't have to do them by hand anymore, and even better...I get to share them with just a few clicks.

I would be thrilled for you to visit my contact page so that I could get to know you better. I want to thank you again, so much...for visiting my site. My very deepest desire is that you will find something useful and uplifting that will inspire your everyday life.

Please come see me again, as I plan to add at least one new printable each week, and may God Bless all that you will ever do according to his divine purpose for your life.


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