I'm Marilyn. What an honor to have you here. 
Thank you so much for visiting Printables by Design.

I'm just an ordinary southern girl from Charleston, S.C., a mother, (one daughter, a dog & a cat), a grandmother, daughter, sister and Aunt.  I am also a home maker and most days a 9-5er”, but the most important thing that I am is a “Sister in Christ.”

My beliefs are pretty simple. I believe that Jesus is Lord and that God’s word is the only truth, no matter what the topic might be. I also believe that we have a choice to make in life as to how we affect others in theirs. We can either be a “Light”…or we can be a “Darkness”,  and in that belief comes a desire to be an encouraging inspiration in all that lives that I touch.

I created my very first "To Do List", when I was only 7 years old. I also grew up in a very organized environment, in a family of six, a father who worked and a mother who managed to stay on top of everything else. I was taught at a young age that work came before fun. My little "To Do List" was made to help me do just that.  (I was so proud of it). My love for being organized and creating printables, kinda took root that very day.

I have learned in my life that it does take a system to be able to stay on top of all life's little important details. I create printables to help me with that, and I am here to share my passion, in hopes that they will help you as well.

As you visit Printables by Design, may you find encouragement in your journey, to a more organized, healthier, and happier lifestyle, with a printable that I am so thrilled and so blessed, to be sharing with you.

Thank you so very much again, for visiting my site.


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