Savings Tracker

Savings Tracker

In order to reach our goals in life we have to have a savings plan to help us get there. The reasons and the ways we save are different…but the one thing that is usually the same, is that we are all working towards something that we want in the near future…or a little further down the road.

You probably know by now that I like keeping everything on paper, and this is my new savings tracker that I am sharing today. It’s really simple…so you can focus more on the money you are saving 🙂,  A beginning balance, start and end date, and the amount you are trying to achieve. I added a little notable block to jot down anything pertaining to your savings goal. I really like this little guy… and it is great for any financial binder, or to just keep loose.

They come in 11 different colors,( I like color, & I like to switch up every now and then). They are Letter sized Printables (8.5 X 11), and the margins are 0.5″ on both sides for easy duplex printing, hole punching and binding.

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If you love planners, these will…

Fit Big MAMBI Happy Planner, Letter Sized Circa, Arc Systems,
Martha Stewart Discbound, etc.

Simply print the pages out as many times as you need them, add them to your Letter size binder.

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Click on the image to download the PDF


If you would like all 11 colors, you can download the Zip File » Here
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