Daily Spending Tracker

Daily Spending Tracker

This is my new Daily Spending Tracker to help make it easy for you to keep up with exactly where your money is going everyday. This is a 2 page. There are 8 Blocks, 1 for every day of the week, and the last block on page 2 is a summary.

I tried to make this as simple as possible. It’s really important to be able to see where our money is being spent and I think the easier the system is that you choose to use…the more likely you are to actually us it. 🙂

For this printable, You just have to add the date of the week at the top, and in each block (whether you choose to begin your week on a Sunday or Monday), there is a place on line one for the specific day & date. There is plenty of room for recording the amount, description, and payment method that you use for each transaction, and a place for the days total at the bottom of each block.

When it’s time to do your summary for the week, just look back over it and categorize your spending. I have a few regular categories that I use (food, clothes, bills, recreation, auto, pets, and charity). Everything generally falls under one of those. Your categories may be alot different.

If you have been following me as I have posted this collection, you already know that I live on a budget…and that I am really tight with my money. When I get to the end of my weeks, and I look at that little summary block…it confirms that I am in fact where I should be with my finances…or it allows me to see pretty quickly…where I might be getting off just a little. 

This too is one of my favorite budgeting printables. It really makes a great addition for any budget binder…or to simply use by itself to track your daily spending. It’s a really quick way to see where your money is going.

These come in 4 colors. They are Letter sized Printables (8.5 X 11), and the margins are 0.5″ on both sides for easy duplex printing, hole punching and binding.

If there is a different color that you would like to have from the color choices for this collection, I will be happy to assist you with that, just contact me.

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If you love planners, these will…

Fits Big MAMBI Happy Planner, Letter Sized Circa, Arc Systems,
Martha Stewart Discbound, etc.

Simply print the pages out as many times as you need them, add them to your Letter size binder.

Please see  Printing Tips

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If you would like all 4 sets, you can download the Zip File » Here
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