Reading Journal

Reading Journal

Reading is one of those things that the whole family can enjoy. You learn new and exciting things. They are such great “teachers”.  I can remember things that I read many years ago…it’s kinda funny really….how the things we read comes back to us in bits and pieces as we go on your merry way in life. They also make really great gifts for other people who enjoy reading.

If you are a book lover too, you might like these printables. I created them to keep track of the books we read. It’s just a simple Reading Journal that offers a review of the book you read.

They come in 11 different colors,( I like color, & I like to switch up every now and then). They are Letter sized Printables (8.5 X 11), and the margins are 0.5″ on both sides for easy duplex printing, hole punching and binding.

If you love planners, these will…

Fits Big MAMBI Happy Planner, Letter Sized Circa, Arc Systems,
Martha Stewart Discbound, etc.

Simply print the pages out as many times as you need them, add them to your Letter size binder.

Printing Tips

Printing is pretty simple. They are borderless and not all printers have the capability to do “Borderless Printing”, and if not they will print with a small white border around the page.

You will need adobe Reader for best printing results, it is a free software and if you don’t have it you can download it Here:

Just open your file in Adobe Reader and go to File > Print,  to open up your “Printer Dialog Box”.

In this section you just need to select a few options:
● Your paper size. (Letter).
● Your orientation (Portrait).
● Borderless
● Print Quality ( I just use “Normal)”.
● Click Okay once all appropriate settings are made to close your “Printer Dialog Box”.

To Print just choose “Actual Size“. Don’t scale the page.

Duplex Printing:
Most printers will not do both Borderless & Duplex at the same time. One feature will disable the other.

If you would like to print these on both sides, just print one side and turn it over to print the back. You need to be familiar with how your printer does Duplex Printing. I recommend a test page or two first.

I also recommend a quality paper weight of 120gsm for Duplex Printing and a bright white paper.

And that’s it.


Click on the Image to download the PDF

Dark Blue

If you would like all 11 colors, you can download the Zip File » HERE!

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