I’m Marilyn, and what an  honor to have you here.

The mission behind Printables by Design is to inspire everyone to live a more organized life.

Research shows that the benefits that come from being organized allows us to save time, money, it reduces our stress level and helps us to become more productive, allowing us to have a better quality of life in the home, at work, and in our relationships.

I will be sharing printables that I create and my favorites from the web, all of which are geared towards encouraging a more organized lifestyle.

I will be posting at least “one” new printable each week and am still in the early stages of building my site, so please check back often for new content.

My deepest desire is that as you visit my site, you will find uplifting encouragement that will inspire your everyday life, to lead you into a more organized, healthier and happier lifestyle.

                                       Thank you so much for visiting my site.
                     Be Blessed & Organized!

Organizing Planners

Christmas Planner Free Printables
Christmas Planner

22  simple planning printables to help you stay organized throughout the Christmas Holidays. 
Including binder cover & spines.

Financial Planner

If you need a monthly budget to help keep you on track or maybe trying to get some debt cleared out of your way…these financial planning printables can help you do that.

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Financial Printables Here

Health Records

While I was in the process of organizing some important areas of my life, I realized there was one area that could really use my attention right away,  My Medical History.

I created 18 pages that have been a very useful tool in helping me to stay more organized in this area...and I want to share them with you. 

Health records Free Binder Printables
Health Records

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Medical Contacts

As I was making my Health Records printables, it came to me that I also needed to organize my Medical Contacts. I decided that I would like this information to be separate should I need it in a hurry, it would be easier to locate.

It's designed like an address book from A-Z and has been super convenient to have handy. I hope they will help you too!

Medical Contacts Free Binder Printables
Medical Contacts

Username & Pasword

Username & Password Free Printables
Username & Password

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I think we all struggle a little with trying to remember all the log-in information connected to all the websites we like to visit. I had really reached a point where I simply had to get my on-line life in order.

I created this Username & Password set that I now keep right by my computer, and boy what a difference it has made.  

It's designed in a rainbow style, from A-Z and I added some butterflies for decoration. I can just print as many of the pages of each alphabet as I need them, and I just love it.

I wanted to share them for those looking to organize their on-line life as well.

I Hope they work great for you!

Recipe Cards & Pages

I noticed a few years ago while doing a search for recipe cards that there weren't alot of full size pages to choose from. That was kind of a problem for me because I have a hard time writing small enough to get everything I need on the smaller ones.

I made 29 full page (8 ½ x 11) & 22 mixed sizes in 4x6 & 5x7's.  I really hope they will be a helpful addition in the recipe area of your kitchen.  

Free Printable Recipe Cards & Pages

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Time Management

Managing our time is probably the single most important thing that helps us to become, and to stay more organized. It takes more than just good intentions, as I do believe most of us have, it takes a plan of action.

I have gathered some 'To Do" list that can be a very useful tool in helping us to make the very most of our time. I hope you will find one that will work perfectly for you.

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Gratitude Journal

Keeping a Gratitude Journal is such a great way to help us be mindful of all the great blessings given to us each & everyday by God.

This is a 12 month Gratitude list designed to write down one thing each day that you are thankful for. It comes with section dividers, front & back cover, 2" spines & tab sets in two colors.