Hi there! Come on in, take your shoes off and have a look around. If you are visiting my site then chances are you are looking for ways to get a bit more organized. It just so happens that being organized and finding solutions that work is something that I am pretty passionate about.

I believe that we all function a little better with a planned system to help keep us focused, productive and on track.

Wherever you are in your journey to become more organized, I hope that as you visit my pages, you will find inspiration as I share my
“Organizing Solutions On Paper”.

Thank you so much for stopping by, please come again to see me.

Many Blessings!


A Few of My Favorite People & Places

Meet Jennifer! 

If you have surfed around the web for a while you have probably come across her website.

She has some really well designed organizing printables and some great organizing tips. She also owns an Etsy shop where she offers printables for sale and her prices are really good.

She deserves a “shout out”.  She has always been a great inspiration to me.

If you haven’t visited her shop, head on over there… I really think you will like what you find!


Meet Abby!  justagirlandherblog.com      

Abby has a fabulous site. She offers free organizing printables, great decorating tips for the home and business. I just love to read her blog and I am a subscriber of hers so I never miss anything new. 

Time spent with Abby is time well spent!  

Meet Alli!  

Alli likes to help us find harmony in the home. She has some awesome tips for DE-cluttering and a ton of great organizing printables the she gives freely. 

I really think alot of Alli!  I’ve been visiting her site for years.

Meet Mandi!  lifeyourway.net

Mandi offers some real good informational tips for the home, family, organizing, food, and self care.

She has some good organizing printables that she offers for free…and I love her pinterest  boards.


Meet Ginny!  organizinghomelife.com

Ginny’s website is exactly what the name says…all about organizing home life. 

She has a huge library of free printables. Take a look…I think you’ll find something you really like!

Meet Becky!  cleanmama.net

Becky has some GREAT cleaning tips. She’s all about organizing.  She offers free printables and definitely worth visiting.